Sunday, August 13, 2017

'Vanity Fair' Stands By Angelina Jolie Article, Publishes Interview Transcript

'Vanity Fair' Stands By Angelina Jolie Article, Publishes Interview Transcript
Vanity Fair is speaking out after the magazine’s latest cover star Angelina Jolie faced criticism for something mentioned in the article.
Angelina told a story about the casting of the young female lead in her movie First They Killed My Father, which was reportedly done by playing a game that has been called emotionally abusive.
“In order to find their lead, to play young Loung Ung, the casting directors set up a game, rather disturbing in its realism: they put money on the table and asked the child to think of something she needed the money for, and then to snatch it away. The director would pretend to catch the child, and the child would have to come up with a lie,” the Vanity Fair story reads.
Angelina released a statement assuring that the “safety, comfort and well-being of the children” were taken into account and that the story was taken out of context.
Now, Vanity Fair claims that Angelina‘s lawyer contacted the magazine and said contributing editor Evgenia Peretz “mistakenly” reported the incident. The lawyer asked for a statement to be published and for the paragraph to be removed from the online article.
The magazine also released a transcript from the interview with Angelina.
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