Monday, August 7, 2017

'Dunkirk' Cast Wasn't Allowed Water Bottles or Chairs on Set!

'Dunkirk' Cast Wasn't Allowed Water Bottles or Chairs on Set!
Dunkirk director Christopher Nolandidn’t let the cast use water bottles or chairs while filming, according to Mark Rylance.
“[Christopher] does things like he doesn’t like having chairs on set for actors or bottles of water, he’s very particular,” the 57-year-old actor told the Independent.
Mark‘s co-star Barry Keoghan explained Christopher‘s reasoning behind the decisions.
“They’re distractions – the noise of [the bottles], they’re like toys almost, playing around with toys,” he shared. “[The lack of chairs] keeps you on your toes, literally.”
Mark added that Christopher is “very particular about using film and everything being real in front of the camera, so there were a lot of old techniques used in this film to make it look real. The flames on the water and men swimming in them; he really wants to minimize the amount of post-production and CGI stuff.”
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