Sunday, July 2, 2017

Who Is Hassan Jameel? Rihanna's Mystery Man Revealed!

Who Is Hassan Jameel? Rihanna's Mystery Man Revealed!
Rihanna was seen kissing a mystery man this week – and rumor has it that man is Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel.
“This relationship is the real deal. Rihanna has told friends she’s in love with him and seems completely smitten. They’ve been spending a lot of time together away from prying eyes and are really serious. They’re really enjoying each others’ company,” a source told Page Six after the photos emerged of the pair getting hot and heavy in a pool in Spain.
Hassan‘s family owns the rights to sell Toyota cars, and he’s rumored to be worth about 1.5 billion dollars. His family also owns a soccer league in Saudi Arabia, called the Jameel league.
Another interesting fact about Hassan is he was once linked to Naomi Campbell.
Several months ago, fans noticed that Naomi and Rihanna unfollowed each other on Instagram.
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