Friday, July 14, 2017

Tom Holland's Tour Guide Spills on His Undercover High School Experience

Tom Holland's Tour Guide Spills on His Undercover High School Experience
Tom Holland recently spilled that he spent some time undercover at a New York City high school to prepare for his role in Spider-Man and now we have all the details!
The student that the 21-year-old actor shadowed at the highly competitive Bronx High School of Science is opening up about the experience!
Arun Bishop was a senior at the school when he was asked to be Tom‘s guide around the campus.
“What Marvel wanted was just to get the experience of a typical STEM high schooler’s life. They didn’t want me to do anything special — just walk through the day as I would any other day,” Arun explained to Business Insider.
He added that in order to make it believable, Tom used a fake name, an American accent and claimed to be Arun‘s visiting cousin. The mission was kept under wraps so only a few administrators knew!
Tom headed to Arun‘s classes which included AP physics, linear algebra and differential equations, experimental engineering, AP calculus AB, AP English literature and AP microeconomics.
By the second day, things had gotten a little boring for Tom so he decided to break character and let some students know he was going to be in Spider-Man.
“Most of them wouldn’t believe him at all. Because that just doesn’t make sense, right?
Why, at Bronx Science, would there be an actor who’s been shadowing me for a day and a half?” Arun explained.
Despite the student’s disbelief, Tom wrapped up his mission and headed off to film Spider-Man.
Check out what Tom had to say about the experience below…
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