Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ruth Negga Talks Having Kids & Working with Dominic Cooper

Ruth Negga Talks Having Kids & Working with Dominic Cooper
Ruth Negga is opening up about how the idea of having children has been “preoccupying” her in the new issue of The Edit.
Here is what the 35-year-old Oscar-nominated actress shared with the mag:
On thinking about if or when she will have children: “By the time you’re in a great relationship, it’s like, oh, I’m 35. S***. So there is part of your thinking that is: Do I want kids? When? If? How? […] It’s there, all the time, preoccupying me. And that’s not being an actor, it’s being a woman. I don’t know what [job] really creates a safe space for a woman to have time out, prolong the human race, and return to work in a very supportive way.”
On working with her boyfriend, actor Dominic Cooper, in Preacher: “It would be so lonely if he wasn’t there. People say, ‘Never go out with an actor.’ But if you were with someone with a normal job, and one of you had to go away, how would that work?”
On shunning social media: “Instagram and Twitter, I don’t engage with any of it – it terrifies the s*** out of me. And I’ve never been on Facebook, ever. What that means is that I’m always the last to find something out, and my friendship group is very small, but, I would hope, committed.”
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